Thursday, December 6, 2012

The F-35 Dog and Pony Show Takes a Florida Vacation

So looks like Shumlin is going to be  pimp walking down to FL to hear an F-35. He'll undoubtedly jump up and down and clap with delight while exclaiming: "The sound tickles!"

via The Winooski Bridge:

"Mayor O’Brien, Gov. Shumlin to hear F-35’s at Florida air base next week
Gov. Peter Shumlin announced today at a Montpelier press conference that he, Mayor Michael O’Brien of Winooski, and Mayor Miro Weinberger of Burlington will travel to Elgin Air Force Base in Florida Wednesday, Dec. 12 to hear for themselves the volume of the F-35’s that may be located in the Burlington area.

Many residents of Winooski and Burlington have expressed concern about the noise levels, and Gov. Shumlin said he wishes to hear for himself just how much noise the new aircraft produces. He plans to have senior Vermont Air Guard officers to advise him on the demonstration. As to whether press will also attend, he said, “we’ll get back to you on that.”

After the press conference, Stewart Ledbetter, WPTZ reporter and Winooski resident, told the Bridge that his station had sent a crew to Elgin several weeks ago (he did not accompany them) and had concluded at that time that the F-35s did not make appreciably more noise than the current F-16’s."

I can't improve on this comment so I won't try:

"it is patently ridiculous to allow subjective response to the noise of the F35s to color this debate from our Governor and Burlington Mayor who are adamantly in favor of the basing. We need verifiable, quantifiable analysis and scientific measurements of this stealth bomber/fighter jet, not the subjective opinion of those already in favor".
UPDATE: More comments:

(to the Mayor of Winooski)

"I am assuming that you will bring back quantifiable scientific data to support any conclusions drawn by this group. How to hell does Shumlin know what the F-35 sounds like from his home in Putney or his cabin in E. Montpelier? The data needs to include metered readings from various places in Winooski and S.Burlington to compare against similar places at Elgin. Anything less will be simply political bs and nothing more. Sounds in the hills of Vermont are quite different scientifically from sounds in wide open spaces. BTW, I see no political upside for anyone for such a trip. It will forever bias any decision making regardless of the results. What those of us who question the F-35 have asked for is transparency related to the scoring process, correction of the census data in the EIS and scientific, medical and home value evidence related to sound. A junket to Elgin to "hear" the F-35 contributes nothing to any of our questions." 

(in response to the disclosure that "the the Greater Burlington Industrial Corp (GBIC) is footing the bill for Gov Shumlin, and the mayors of Burlington and Winooski to travel to Eglin Air Force Base in Florida next Wednesday.")

"This is outrageous. Vermont business interests taking our politicians on a weekend visit to a military base, guided by senior officials at VTANG, to support a project that is financing the most profitable weapons manufacturer IN THE WORLD... I believe this is the definition of corruption."


"The trip is a waste of time and money for the following reasons: 1) This is not about anyone's personal opinion of the noise. It's about the scientific research on the long-term EFFECTS of noise, which is based on it's cumulative effect including intensity, duration, frequency, etc. 2) The aircraft is being TESTED. So the noise one hears now may or may not be what it sounds like once it is operationally deployed; 3) The acoustics around Eglin AFB are vastly different than the acoustics around the City of South Burlington, Winooski, Williston, and Burlington; and 4) since none of the men going on the trip actually live around the airport, the 6,675 folks who will actually have to live with the aircraft should have been invited."

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