Saturday, November 10, 2012


The Stop the F-35 Coalition has been working diligently to inform Vermonters
of the many questions raised by the potential “bed-down” of the F-35
stealth fighter/bomber at the Burlington International Airport. The draft
Environmental Impact Statement (dEIS) clearly states that the impacted area
in the flight path is “not suitable for residential use.” Business
leaders and politicians have largely ignored the impacts defined in the dEIS
and have minimized the threat to housing and schools while flatly
contradicting the Air Force’s own conclusions. To date we have been unable
to arrange a public hearing with our Congressional delegation so that the
7000 residents who live in the area most impacted by the plane will have an
opportunity to seek additional information from the delegation and inform the
delegation about the devastating impact of this plane set forth in the dEIS.

Thus, we are planning a “crowd-supported” request of Senator Leahy to
conduct such a hearing so that the impacted residents will have the
opportunity to express their concerns, ask specific questions related to
these concerns and inform the delegation about the dEIS
. Our plan is to
gather a large crowd at Senator Leahy’s office one day in the second week
of December to demand that he organize such a meeting very early in 2013. We
plan to bring a crowd to his office and to stay until he agrees to such a
meeting. We are not planning any illegal actions. We simply want him to meet
with the impacted Vermonters.

Will you join us? Please email to indicate if you
would be willing to join us for this “crowd-supported” event, depending
on the date and time, of course. At this time we are simply trying to
determine interest in such an event. Thank you for considering this important
action. We will be back to you with the details.

-Stop the F-35 Coalition

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